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Trailer-hitch and hitch-block: One principle, two versions

The trailer-hitch as well as the hitch-block serve the same purpose, the towing of trailers. They differ from each other however in design and technical specification.

Trailer-hitches for passenger cars for private use

When the trailer-hitch became available as an add-on option, it was as rule a design with a solid ball type head. While this is acceptable for vehicles which are pulling trailers on a daily basis, many of the private users are hardly happy with this kind of trailer hitch. For this reason the automobile- and accessory manufacturers introduced a variant with a detachable ball-head to the market which is well distributed today. Next to practical aspects, like difficult maneuvering into parking spaces and similar situations, aesthetic reasons were also a consideration.  

The hitch-block for trucks and light commercial vehicles

The hitch-block is always of rigid design and does not have a ball type head but instead a so called flange-ball. Different flange-ball designs can be used, whereby the height of the hitch-block can be adjusted to a desired degree. With its by comparison higher pulling capacity to trailer hitches, it finds its use with light commercial vehicles and trucks.

rexbo Car Parts supplies trailer hitches and hitch-blocks in many vehicle specific designs.