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Spacer plate etc.: Single- and mounting parts for the trailer hitch

In general, it involves only a minor effort to install a trailer hitch, as almost all car models have precisely fitting and vehicle specific kits. However certain parts cannot be done without.

The spacer plate eliminates unwanted play

If there is a lot of play on the hitch-block and trailer hitch, for example at the hitch plate or between the carrier and the mounting point on the vehicle, a spacer plate must be mounted. It eliminates play and provides for a tight fit, thus secures operation. At rexbo spacer plates can be ordered as single parts.

Special muffler clamps, bumper brackets etc.

It is the other way around with mufflers of the exhaust system. Here a certain spacing to the trailer hitch is required. A special clamp prevents contact or knocking of the muffler against the trailer hitch and prevents damage this way. The function and appearance of the muffler will not be impaired with a different clamp. Over and above, some vehicles require special bumper brackets. These special parts are adapted for the trailer hitch and assure proper and secure fit of the bumper.

Also these parts are separately available at rexbo Car Parts, just like model specific reinforcement kits for car bodies, clamps for electric wiring kits, control devices and much more.