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Wiring kits, 7- or 13 terminals and adapter

Every trailer-hitch needs an individual wiring kit which connects the trailer to the pulling vehicle and ensures a perfect function of all lighting as well. These things cannot be done without as the trailer blocks the view of taillights of the vehicle pulling. Over and above that, there is a legal provision that license plates must be visible day and night.

Find your wiring kit in 7- or 13 terminal version

With respect to the wiring kit, there are two common versions: 7-terminal, according to ISO 1724 and 13-terminal, according to ISO 11446. The 7-terminal version is attached with pressure, detaching is done by pulling. The 13-terminal version however has a bayonet catch. In order to attach or detach, a quarter turn is necessary. The pinout on both the 7-terminal as on the 13-terminal wiring kit is standardized and cannot be changed. The additional terminals on the 13-terminal kit are for comfort features on camping trailers and similar and can be used as required.

In order for different plug-connections, to be of use amongst each other, e.g. to connect a 7-terminal plug to a 13-terminal wiring kit, applicable adapters are available. Important, please note: The adapter for the wiring kit may not be left in the connecting socket after detachment from the unit, as otherwise there is the possibility that a trailer is recognized in error and that illumination on the back of the vehicle will be deactivated. This creates a safety risk and increases the chances for an accident.

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