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Car locking system parts: From lock-cylinder to door-lock pin

The locking system on current models is very comprehensive. Already in the 80’s and 90’s, even in low priced cars central locking is common. In addition, the mechanicals of it are rather complex here and there. One example is the ergonometric designed locking pin on the door inside or the theft-proof lock cylinder or the rigid and crash-optimized door handle which is supposed to make opening the door possible after a crash.

A safe car needs intact door lock cylinders and door handles etc.  

Like everything which is used daily, the locking system is also aging over time. The door-lock pin made from plastic may break off, the door handle may wear out or the core of the door-lock cylinder. The latter is also a preferred point of attack by car thieves. The door handle is often the part that suffers most in cases of vandalism. With central locking systems it is usually only a motor on one of the locks or a relay that becomes defective which of course may have an effect on the entire system.

In addition, defects on the locking system may not only have an impact on comfort but also on the dangers of theft and may become a reason for not passing the German main safety inspection. The steering wheel lock for example only consists of a lock cylinder and a bolt which lowers into an indent on the steering column. With every engine start, these parts get strained and after years, the bolt my just break or other damage may occur. What many don’t know, a not functioning lock cylinder at the steering wheel is considered a serious defect for the car safety examining organizations. As a general recommendation, if the lock-pin, the door handle or lock cylinder, defective parts of the locking system must be exchanged at once.

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