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The gas-spring: Installed on engine-hood, rear hatch and elsewhere

Everywhere on a vehicle, where lifting of heavy body parts must be made easier and large engine-hoods and hatches etc. must be kept in a safe open position, gas-springs are installed for easier opening and closing, in order to do maintenance work, for loading of luggage and much more around the vehicle.  

Defective gas-springs on the engine-hood and the trunk lid are a safety hazard

When a gas-spring is defective, a considerably higher amount of physical effort is needed for opening and closing, operation without hazards is no longer warranted. For example, the engine-hood is a relatively heavy part, during opening and closing the gas-spring is under considerable strain and wears out. If the engine-hood then drops unexpectedly while open, because of a defective seal where gas has continuously and slowly leaked out, serious injury may be the consequence. Therefore a regular inspection and the exchange of the gas spring on engine-hood and rear hatch is recommended. Because of its useful design with a piston and a cylinder, the gas-spring can find its application on many other parts of the vehicle, not only on engine-hood and rear hatch. Further application could be the foot operated parking-brake or fold-down tables in campers or similar vehicles.

rexbo Car Parts offers a large variety of gas-springs for engine engine-hoods and other vehicle parts.