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Lifting windows: By crank or electrically

For decades now, windows are operated either by a crank or electrically, a common feature in all cars. With the help of them, front- and possibly rear windows can be lowered or lifted to the desired degree. The so called comfort-closing, the latter is done automatically with locking of the doors. Apart from exotic automobiles and small series, cars with removable side windows or fixed windows are no longer produced.

This is how window lifting works, either by reaching for the switch or the crank

Similar to the produced volume of central locking, electric power windows are of equal volume today. These are operated via switches and relays, while in some cases, the rear – and less used windows are operated by a crank in mechanical manner. It is not rare that the electric versions are cable driven. The integral part of these window lifting devices is a motor which drives a cable drum via a worm- or spur gear. When the drum turns, the wire, fixed at both ends winds up and down. While the one end moves the pulled wire where the window is fastened on a guide rail, the other simultaneously winds itself back around the wire drum.  Because electric power windows with their powerful motors may cause serious injuries, modern versions do have different built-in safety catches. On a mechanical window-lift, the crank takes over instead of a motor. Damage on motors, switches, relays etc. are thus omitted, perhaps after many years of use, the crank may become worn looking or even break off.

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