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The car body is not only the most central- but also the most exposed part of the vehicle. The front- and rear bumpers are not insensitive to careless parking maneuvers, all front lights are continuously suffering from pitting and the locking system for doors, lids and hatches also wear out from daily use. This is additionally intensified, as today all parts of the car-body are painted, and even small cars have technology like central locking systems and parking assistance.  

Theft, vandalism and accident opponents – they are the common enemies of car-bodies.

Over and above bleaching out, every car in use can also receive damage from vandalism, thievery and accidents. It happens quickly that an outside rearview mirror is broken off by force, the side of the vehicle including fender and door are scratched or even the vehicle front is deformed. The latter is in most cases serious damage, while missing small parts on the body are primarily a deficit in appearance and are just annoying. It is a good thing that one can draw from ample resources when it comes to car-body parts – and this as customary at customer-friendly calculated prices!

With rexbo you lose the horror of damage to your car’s body!