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The handbrake cable and other parts of the parking-brake

The handbrake permanently blocks the wheels of an automobile, truck or other vehicle. This way rolling away is prevented. On a car it is done by pulling a lever – while Mercedes-Benz installs a pedal – which by means of a brake cable has the desired effect on the relevant parts of the rear wheels.

The brake cable a hard used connecting element

The handbrake cable is the connecting part between the lever and or pedal to the corresponding brake linings or –pads. These again impact the rotors and block the wheels. The brake cable from metal is strained a lot on a daily basis e.g. starting up on a hill and is therefore subject to constant wear. In addition it is subject to corrosion, it will cease after time and must be freed by force which also weakens that part.  

At one point, braking action is no longer sufficient and/or one-sided, the possibility for adjustment exists. If the brake cable is ripped apart, it must of course be replaced. This should be done immediately as a nonfunctioning hand-brake is not only a serious flaw at the main safety examination but also presents a safety risk with possible consequences with respect to the vehicle insurance in the event of an accident.

rexbo Car Parts offers different parts in the area of the parking-brake, e.g. single hand-brake cables and hand-brake cable kits and also levers.