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Brake Calipers

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Brake caliper: Robust cast iron caliper for disc brakes

The brake caliper is a vital part of a disc brake installation which is usually made from cast iron. It extends the brake pads over the rotor and when engaged it hydraulically presses the pads onto the disc. This way the vehicle slows down. There are calipers with one or more pistons in different design, most common is the fixed caliper and the floating caliper.

The caliper as a fixed caliper or a floating caliper

The fixed caliper version has at least two pistons across from each other. These press the pads on the rotor. The application of more pistons, side by side is possible pressing from one side and the other, whereby the performance in terms of pressure is increased and so is the braking comfort. In difference to the fixed caliper, the piston on the floating caliper is only behind one of the pads. The second pad is fastened to the floating caliper which in turn is attached to one of the supports on the wheel-bearing housing. This caliper, consisting of brake-cylinder and a deflection device for the other pad which can be moved in axial direction. Therefore it is of floating function and is therefore also called floating caliper. When the brake is applied, the floating caliper always lines up in such way, that both pads are applied to the rotor with the same force.

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