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V-Ribbed Belt / Set

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V-ribbed belts are a combination of flat belts and V-belts and thus combine all the positive properties of the two drives. The V-ribbed belt has longitudinally extending ribs that sit fit in the pulley grooves. Due to their higher life these belts are also used in many other areas away from the automotive engineering. The life of a V-ribbed belt installed in a motor vehicle is usually designed to 160,000 km. With a renewal of the V-ribbed belt an automatic tensioning system is required in order to guarantee the most constant possible belt force. The use number of the V-ribbed belt (on each V-ribbed belts noted) specifies the number of ribs, belt profile and the reference length. So "5pk940" has 5 ribs, the profile pk and a reference length of 940 mm.