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Fan belt-set: Belt, pulley and clamping arm

The fan belt is a very widely spread form of a driving device in motor vehicles. It is used to drive the alternator, the water pump, the cooling-fan and the power steering pump. It is tightened to the fan belt-pulley disc with the help of the clamping arm with pulley. Together, these parts make up the fan belt-set.

The modern fan belt-set has its advantages

Today, the so called wedge-ribbed belt is used in production, whereby the term fan belt is still used. It also runs across a pulley and is supported by a clamping arm which in difference to the former version has ribs which gave it the name. The ribs run in longitudinal direction and find their counterparts in the teeth of the belt pulley. In some cases the smooth side of the belt is used to drive other components. In difference to the original fan belts, the clamping arm must work automatically in any event, to ensure an equally constant tension force. A big advantage, in comparison to the former versions is the increased service friendliness. Such a fan belt set can be operated for 160,000 km and more. When an exchange is due, the complete set should be reached for, as it is highly likely, the pulley and the clamping arm are also worn out and that damage may be imminent.  

rexbo Car Parts has all these parts ready for its customers, whether it is the single pulley or the fan belt-set.