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The timing-belt: Its cover hides a decisive component

The timing-belt is in four-cycle engines and manages valve timing. Comparable to the timing chain, this belt, consisting of polymer mesh, drives one or more camshafts in the cylinder head and is therefore of utmost importance for optimal engine performance. In most cases, the timing belt is behind a cover, deviating solutions can be found with in sports- or racing engines.

Timing-belt set: Complete package of timing-belt, tension- and idler rollers

Engine timing must be precisely maintained, this is why the angular position of cam- and crankshaft may not be changed. For this reason, the timing belt is tightened around the deflection pulley with a special device. These components are also part of the timing-belt set.  

In perfect condition, the timing-belt runs at a low noise level and is self-lubricating. In comparison to the timing-chain, it is not in need of a chain-tightener. Therefore there is also no need for a connection to oil supply.  

Because the belt wears out quicker than the chain, it must be serviced regularly and replaced. Because of the timing-belt being not only hidden behind a cover but is also generally hard to access in modern vehicles, high cost may be caused in servicing. The intervals must be maintained, because when the timing-belt breaks, apart from so called idlers – the valves impact the pistons and usually become irreparably deformed. Once the timing-belt cover is removed, further steps are not especially hard or labor intensive. It is therefore recommendable to reach directly for a timing-belt replacement.  

rexbo Car Parts offers such a timing-belt replacement and the covers.