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Effectivity: Alternator freewheel for lowering the noise level and wear

Four-cycle engines, like gasoline- and diesel engines are reving irregularly. This happens because the crankshaft speeds up - and slows down continuously. This causes vibrations which get transferred to other connected components, like the alternator. The component drive, especially the fan belt thus receive a lot of strain. The so called alternator freewheel clutch can reduce that, whereby its life expectancy is increased. In addition, there is also an aspect in terms of comfort, as it reduces the operational noise level.

Alternator freewheel: Construction and functionality

The alternator freewheel clutch consists of a belt-bearing disc. It is mounted to the alternator drive shaft. There, the alternator freewheel causes the transmission of its driving force is no longer in both directions but only in one turning direction. This simple but most effective principle makes it possible to disconnect the alternator from the crankshaft movement and the accompanying vibrations. These get no longer transferred to the components connected, the benefit is a smoother operation and generally reduced noise levels. At the same time the strain is reduced and driving belts are preserved, their change interval can be prolonged.  However the freewheel clutch is subject to common wear and tear. When exchanging, it is recommended to also replace worn fan belts, tensioner- and deflection pulleys to prevent possible damage to the component drives or even to the engine.  

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