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Belt operation: Timing belt, fan belt etc.

The nightmare of every driver of a vehicle equipped with a timing chain of timing belt is, when the chain or belt breaks apart and valves and pistons collide with each other - the result is total engine damage. Regular maintenance according to manufacturer provisions help to keep the risk at a low level. We carry everything which you need for an exchange also a practical timing belt set, including the belt, tension pulley and the element for fastening. Of course as you would expect from rexbo, all from well-known manufacturers at competitive prices. Also with belt drives, our prices are noticeably below the suggested manufacturers retail prices.

Belt operation from A to Z: You will find the parts needed at rexbo

A squeaking ribbed belt, because it is worn out, is an annoyance and should be replaced immediately with a new part before problems occur. In order to enable changing of wearing parts of the belt-drives at economical cost, we keep all relevant products for you in our online shop, from alternator freewheel clutch to coupling sleeves, pulleys and fan belts, up to a complete timing belt set. Of course you can also order related parts and accessories along with these from us and safe going to a service center.

Whether alternator, freewheel clutch or timing belt replacement, you will do well with an exchange from rexbo!