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it is a better filter for Citroen C5 2.0.Oil Filter

Bosch windscreen wipers, ignition coils and much more

Robert Bosch AG has been producing high quality car parts for several decades. This long-established company from Stuttgart satisfies customers with quality, innovation and an especially large choice of replacement parts for different car models and makes such as BWM, Ford or VW. The offerings in the rexbo shop are therefore highly differentiated and include more than 40,000 Bosch car parts. This includes both new and replacement automobile parts.

Large choice of OEM quality car parts

Robert Bosch, who gave his name to the company, founded the business in 1886. Initially conceived as a workshop for precision mechanics and electrical engineering, the first factory was opened in Stuttgart in 1901. In the mid-1920s, Bosch windscreen wipers and many other important car parts (such as diesel injection pumps) were launched onto the market. Bosch still stands among the most important manufacturers of car parts in the world today. In Germany there are currently 80 different locations. Bosch replacement parts are regularly among the test winners in the most diverse categories.

Find and order Bosch car parts in the rexbo shop

Both new and replacement Bosch car parts of OEM quality are available in the rexbo shop. Alongside service parts (such as Bosch brake discs, windscreen wipers, filters, batteries or spark plugs), the choice also includes electrics as well as accessories (including headlights). Furthermore, you can also find replacement automobile parts from the category of starters and generators. For the motor and systems sectors, we have replacement parts for fuel consumption, injection systems, ignitions or engine controls (Bosch ignition coils).

Bosch exchange parts satisfy

New or exchange part? This question is often asked. Ultimately, it depends on the quality of the exchange part. This is above all down to the restoration work of the manufacturer. With its exchange products, for example, Bosch guarantees that automobile parts are conditioned with the newest production technologies in certified Bosch workshops. All wear components and critical automobile parts are replaced by experts. Additionally, the product comes with the same guarantee as new Bosch products.

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