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Robert Bosch GmbH
Auf der Breit 4
76227 Karlsruhe

Phone Number: +49 (0) 721 942-1881
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Bosch is one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide

For many years, Bosch has established itself as the world's largest automotive supplier in the market. In Germany alone at 80 different locations with over 118,000 employees that provide innovative ideas and productions. The business segment of the market for spare parts is one of the hobbies of the company and generated every year a large proportion of total sales. Based on this, it is clear to see that the company attaches great importance to the development and refinement of products for the automotive sector. What is special about Bosch, what it highlights from other manufacturers, is that the company always has the objective to supply the widest possible range of vehicle brands.

Complete equipment of an assembly line

Starting with accessories for exhaust systems up to ignition systems the product range of Bosch offers almost everything needed for a professional vehicle repair . It is crucial that all auto parts are coming of one and the same manufacturer who puts highest importance to the workmanship and quality of the products. As the market leader Bosch is able to offer an optimal price-performance ratio and so expensive parts such as engine, transmission, brakes or the fuel system are also affordable for normal end-users. Especially in the field of fuel systems Bosch is the world's largest supplier of injection systems and consolidates for many years. Furthermore, the fact that Bosch covers almost every car brand needs to be taken positively into account, due to the fact that also high quality car manufacturers like Audi and Mercedes make use of the product range.

Innovation and development are most important

Constant innovations and the new development and improvement of existing products is firmly rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of the company Bosch. Like no other supplier Bosch has contributed a large share to groundbreaking ideas in the past. So Bosch put the first Electric Stability Program (ESP) on the market, which is now installed in practically any new vehicle. Of course, with ever-increasing emissions on the environment Bosch is anxious to develop environmentally friendly systems. Bosch manufactures the most advanced common rail system which is currently on the automobile market. This reduces consumption, increases the cleanliness and also increases the performance of a vehicle. Apart from new products the right service and the customer service is of significant importance for the company. Accordingly, Bosch has launched a franchise concept, where the company and its high-quality products are represented at selected workshops in almost all German regions. Thus Bosch is always able to provide their customers with a high level of operational performance on all products. The biggest positive factor in this idea is that customers can consult workshop with any problems and get help from experts.