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Innovations bring appropriate success

Founded in 1873 by August Bilstein, the company experienced a rapid as well as groundbreaking for the automotive industry development. Starting with window fittings Bilstein supplied at that time regional vehicle manufacturers and expanded later to abroad still under the name Aubí. Through the acquisition by Hans Bilstein the final penetration in the automotive industry was successful. With new suggestions for nickel plating and chrome plating Bilstein produced the first chrome-plated bumper for the car series production in 1928. Short time later also the first operational side jack followed. A sensation for the automotive industry was developed in 1957 with the first mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers . Other highlights were the air spring modules which provides Bilstein for Mercedes S-Class. Looking back, Bilstein is able to say that they had high influence from the assert to the history and development of a wide range of vehicle components.

The flagship of motor sport

The high quality products offered by Bilstein did also not remain regardless to the motor sport. For the past 50 years, Bilstein supplies a wide variety of racing teams at various racing events. For instance all AMG Mercedes in the DTM and over half of all the teams at the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring are supplied with Bilstein products. Occasionally also up to 90 percent of the NASCAR field launched the races on Bilstein products. This once again shows the high quality of the products manufactured by Bilstein Quality, durability and longevity are here only some attributes which are worth mention. This can only mean that the products meet the high demands of motorsport and are therefore more than adequate for normal use.

Key Chains

Due to continuous developments and clever collaborations Bilstein widened its product range from year to year. Today the company produces shock absorbers, air springs, high-performance shock absorbers, sport and coilovers and steering systems. By belonging to the international ThyssenKrupp Group, Bisltein managed resources for investment and secures an additional projection on developing skills. Meanwhile Bilstein employs over 2,000 employees in Germany, Romania, United States and China.