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Ate (Continental GmbH)
Guerickestr. 7
60488 Frankfurt

Phone Number: +49 (0) 69 7603-1
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Great and genuine Ate product!Breather Pipe

Ate was never licked

Founded by Alfred Teves over 100 years ago , destroyed by the World War and rebuilt again, Ate looks back on a multi-faceted past. Already before the war Ate products were known as the best available on the aftermarket. The company has retained this status till this day and is not unduly one of the world's leading supplier companies in the automotive industry . Ate is the number one in Germany with a market share of over 30%, number two in Europe and worldwide among the top ten. As a pioneer of hydraulic brakes Ate developed very early innovative products which changed the market. Likewise, the ABS was co-developed by the company and thus laid a major milestone for the automotive engineering. The high quality of products was recognized early by the racing-sport and therefore Ate is supplier to the automotive racing sector since many decades. All products sold meet OEM quality and stand out on the aftermarket.

Products of highest quality

Ate is a global provider of a comprehensive range of wear-and hydraulic parts in OEM quality and is a leader in the areas of brake and wheel brake. Thus, almost any car part that falls into the group of brakes is offered by Ate such as brake discs, brake controller, brake booster, master cylinder and much more. Of course it is natural for such a large company not only to concentrate on a product group, but cover other segments with its experience and innovative ideas. Therefore Ate also offers products for vehicle electrical systems and coupling accessories on the aftermarket. It should be noted that every single replacement part corresponds an exceptionally high quality what is also known on the world market.

Quality coupled with inventiveness and innovation

Who places value on original quality of manufacturer in the exchange of wear parts, makes use of Ate products. A good example for objective quality characteristics is the use of 160 different mixtures for brake pads, each corresponding to the qualities of the series. Other competitors, however, generally use only four to five different blends, which reflects the inventiveness and urge for improvement of Ate. Based on many innovations and products that have improved and advanced vehicle technology in the past, the company is aiming still for novelties. In all efforts and improvements of its own products Ate puts also value on good service and perfect supplier relationships. Based on that the company keeps its customers and workshops always informed about current innovations and changes.