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ABS is known as the leading brake specialist since 1978. ABS makes sure that the trade, distribution, and fitting of spare parts is simple, easy and profitable for all parties involved. Besides brake parts, this successful philosophy is also followed to later introduced wheel bearing kits, steering, and suspension parts. Also for these product lines our customers have the comfort of dealing with our one-stop-shop.

As a brake specialist, ABS All Brake Systems supplies hundreds of thousands of components direct from stock each month. ABS is a real specialist, with more than 24,000 different types of brake parts.

More than 24,000 products 

Each day we send large quantities of brake pads, brake shoes, brake discs and drums, handbrake cables, clutch cables, throttle cables, speedo drive cables, choke cables, trailer cables, accessory sets for blocks and shoes, wear indicators on their way to customers in the Netherlands and much further afield. 

Wet and dry

ABS divides its range of brake parts into dry and wet. The dry components are parts that do not carry brake fluid, as against the wet (hydraulic) parts. Generally speaking, dry brake parts wear out more rapidly than the hydraulic ones. ABS also makes sure that when a new model is introduced, the dry parts are in stock first, with the hydraulic parts following on as rapidly as possible.

Focus on quality 

Bringing a typical family car to a complete stop from 50mph requires enough energy to boil two litres of water in three seconds. The energy needed to stop a truck travelling at the same speed would boil 48 litres of water in four seconds. Statistics show that we brake once every 0.85 miles or 11,764 times per 10,000 miles. Doubling the speed increases the stopping distance four times. First-class quality is vital for brake parts, that is why ABS brake parts are manufactured according to the most stringent safety standards, thereby guaranteeing trouble-free operation.

Great range, direct available

ABS delivers  her quality products in the own ABS brand directly to professional distributors in all European countries. One of the unique characteristics is the number of articles that is delivered directly from stock resulting in a minimum lead time. The huge range of more than 29,496 different articles covers nearly all car makes and models in all European countries. The goal for our Product Management: If you see it on the road, we have it in our warehouse!

Flexibility and partnership

Besides the complete range and the availability of products we do everything we can to optimize the cooperation between supplier and customer, and to make things as simple and easy as possible. Up-to-date information on orders is digitally available. Digital invoicing using TecCom? No problem! We can even deploy Web services and offer custom made integration of back-office systems to further increase efficiency. Direct communication on all levels guarantees a strong partnership and the right flexibility when needed.

Crystal clear documentation

The complete range of quality products can be easily found in five hard cover catalogues, weighing over 11,5 kilos of paper knowledge. Of course supported with a wide range of digital catalogues like TecDoc, Aldoc, Autocat, and our own ABS DVD catalogue, web catalogue, and web shop. Clear, easy to use and combined with the right product pictures you always make the right choice the first time.

One million quality products

ABS has been a longstanding holder of the ISO9001 certificate and complies with all European regulations. 

Driven by expertise

ABS is the professional partner in the Automotive Aftermarket who works on a partnership basis with her customers and suppliers to make the trade, distribution and fitting of parts as simple, easy, and most profitable for all parties involved. That’s why our slogan states: ABS, DRIVEN BY EXPERTISE.